12 week fitness

Week 1

Day 1:

Don’t remember. Made plans for public post on day 2

Day 2:
Breakfast: oats + milk
Post exercise: 4 egg flats without yolk
Snacks: Bread + aloo + paneer sandwich (11:30 AM)
Lunch: 2 roti and rajma (2:30 PM)
Early dinner: 3 roti + palak panner at 5:45 PM
Dinner: 10:00 PM (Kadhi chawal).

Day 3
Photo taken: Could not take on day or day 2

Exercise time: 1:15 PM

Meal: Oats with salt 8:30 AM
Upma: 9:45 AM
Chocolate Oats with milk : 12:30 PM
Lunch: 3:45 PM (brown rice and rajma and 2 microwaved papad)
Squash: In evening
Dinner: Did not go as per plan. Dinner at Burma Burma (spicy tea leaf + avocado salad, whole wheat khousey, Burmese falafel) at 8:15. Then at 11:45 – Half caprese sandwich on multigrain bread)

Breakfast: 8:30 AM: half slice bread + peanut butter
Poha: 12:00 PM (got late to eat), this is bad schedule

Lunch: Kadhi + matar paneer + 2 roti 1:30 PM
Snack: 1 single piece of sugar free dark chocolate
5:00 PM: Brownrice + matar paneer and 2-3 plain dosa (premixed dosa batter)
9:45 PM : Protein powder post workout
Dinner: Brown rice pulao with paneer + broccoli (10:30 PM)

Day 5:
Breakfast: 8:45 AM – whole wheat bread + peanut butter (1.5 slices) + coffee.
9:30 AM: Upma a small bowl as I was hungry
Gym: 9:45 AM

Day 6 – Day 35

  • Logs were not maintained (primarily due to lack of discipline in writing a blog post daily)
  • General meal mentioned below for Breakfast
    • Oats/Museli + Milk (Yoga Bar OATs is best among the options available. Options evaluated:
      • Yoga Bar Fruits and Nuts Museli
      • Yoga Bar Chocolate Cranberry Museli
      • Tata Soulfull Fruits and Nuts Museli
      • True Elements Dark Chocolate Museli
    • Some days it was bread + peanut butter
    • Some days eggs were there too (without yolk)
  • Made whole wheat pizza on certain days at home (order wheat base, basil pesto & mozzarella cheese
  • General lunch with either roti or brown rice + daal/paneer/sabzi/salad
  • Bread + Peanut butter if I felt hungry (it had some sugar, it was not unsweetened)
  • Protein powder after workout
  • Workout was mostly between 10-12 PM (gym + running on few days and squash 3-4 times a week)

Break for a week (No Gym, played squash few times)

Day 36 (Jan 9 2023):

  • Breakfast was daily (milk and sugar)
    • Left over Daal ka paratha and Paneer bhurji
  • Lunch was brown rice pulao + home made tomato chutney + home made mint chutney
  • Snacks was bread + peanut butter
  • 1 square of dark chocolate
  • Dinner was brown rice + daal + subji
    • I got hungry again and had 2 egg flats (sunny side up without yolk) + bread slice
  • Gym workout + protein powder
  • 30 mins of squash

Day 37:

  • Bread + Peanut Butter and then Squash
  • Upma, protein powder post squash
  • Roti + Matar Paneer for lunch
  • Home made whole wheat pizza for dinner (whole wheat thin crust base + mozzarella cheese + basil pesto / tomato sauce

Day 38:

  • Oats + milk for breakfast + Coffee. Oats seems too sweet for me to handle. Thinking of doing something else for breakfast and eliminate sugar
  • Gym