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based out of India


I am an award winning executive technical leader with 15+ years of experience including 5 years as the founding member, CTO & CPO of a fintech startup where we built the tech platform from scratch and was instrumental is helping raise $15M+.

I was Program/Product Manager at Microsoft where I was responsible for device devices responsible for booting up over 30% windows laptop worldwide. I was also responsible for launching a new authentication stack for Microsoft Outlook 365 which is in use by Office 365 users. Overall, 2B+ users use my work daily including you if you use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Windows.

I was also Head of Engineering for India's #1 Poker Company, PokerBaazi, in recent past.


Work Experience


Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer
(Jul 2016 - Jun 2021)


Program Manager, Outlook
Program Manager, Windows Core
(Feb 2010 - Jun 2016)

Rio Health

Co-Founder | CPTO
(Jun 2022 - Dec 2022)

Baazi Games

Head of Engineering
(Sep 2021 - Jul 2022)

First Cheque

FC Dream Team Member (In-house Tech Expert)
(Oct 2022 - Present)


What I am awesome at

I take joy in building delightful solutions that wow the users and I possible a strong business sense that allows me to build solutions that achieve the supposed business goals.

Overall, 2B+ users use my work daily including you if you use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Windows.

Building a Startup from ground up

My work has helped raise over $15M+ in past and my solutions have stood the test of time. I am very good at making build vs buy decisions.

System Design

One needs solutions that are relevant to the current stage of the company and the pace required to win in the market. I can build solutions from the ground up that will scale as the company scales.

Building a team

I have done 1000+ interviews and possess a knack of selecting right candidates. Many of my past hires continue to work with me in different capacity which speaks about my ability to find talent and keep them.

First principle thinking

Everything starts with ability to think, ability to question everything, and uncover hidden assumptions that may be at play. This allows me to catch things that others don't.

Scalable Technical Solutions

My solutions have stood the test of time and scale well to meet the growing demands.

Humble and Approachable

Life has given me a lot and if I can be of help to anyone, I am happy to do it. My friends and colleague would call me friendly, helpful and good natured.


I enjoy building scalable, robust solutions to achieve business goals.

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Johnnie Ledner
CEO at Litfox

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