My name is Atishay Kumar. I am currently Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer at ePayLater, a fintech startup based out of India. In past, I have worked with Microsoft at Redmond, Washington in the Windows and the Office division. I have had a very unique journey. I started out as a developer and subsequently became a product manager where I worked on products that are now used by over one billion people daily. Then I took a plunge into the startup world where I built the whole technology platform and the product from scratch that is capable is handling over half a million transactions a day.

My experience allows me to look at a problem both from product manager’s perspective and from an engineer’s perspective that helps me make good decisions. I can foresee a product vision and build a product that keeps that vision in mind.

Why did I create this blog – I realized that there are lot of things that I learn with time. I want to remember those things when time comes and would like to refer them. Writing also helps me refine my though process and forces me to clearly understand what I am writing. I felt that blog could be a good way to do it. If someone else can benefit from it, even better. All views mentioned here are personal and do not represent views of my employer.

I can be reached via LinkedIn.

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